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Monument Servicing

Schroeder Memorials offers a variety of servicing to your loved one's memorial.

As each person has different needs for their stone, we ask that you contact Ethan at 605.464.4867 for a free estimate, custom to your memorial needs.


Bronze Installment

mounting bronze plates on monument or mausoleum; mounting bronze veteran's marker in foundation in cemetery;

pre-drill holes for veteran's plaque or veteran's niche plaque; and more


Veteran Services

Plaque installation in cemetery on existing stone; plaque or stone marker instaled on concrete and set in cemetery; Niche Veteran plaque installation in cemetery on existing stone; final dating; gov. matching markers; and more


Resetting & Leveling

Leveling or re-installing fallen monument without leveling; moving monument within the same cemetery; moving monument to a new cemetery; installing new foundation for monument; and more


Natural Stone Customization

From full cemetery stones to just a family name, we can sandblast your natural stone to your needs  (stone subject to suitability for blasting).


Lettering & Artwork

Final dating added to existing stone in cemetery on stone or bronze monuments; family name; wedding dates with and without ring art;  individual inscription; full scene image; porcelain portrait; and more


And More

Is your need not listed on this page? No worries! Contact us today to discuss

in-depth what is needed for your monument. 

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